Tom wrote~       Got your CD, been listening....AMAZING!!!!

               All great tune-smithing,but some some are far beyond the norm.   
                         I'm left wondering why a major label or sub  label hasn't picked you up yet???

I think 6-7 tunes "Make me Attractive,
      Strawberry Wine,  Adrienne"  to  name a few are
truly masterpieces.

tom trayn  Oct 2 2008 4:52 PM

Phyllis wrote~   You had me at Lennon (:

                               Solin! I’m so pleased you found me! I’m one of those hopeless fans that rarely gets   past my Beatles collection.
I’ll put something else in and if it doesn’t have THAT sound, back to Lennon/McCartney. Friends ask, “don’t you ever get tired of
the Beatles?” Even tired, familiar Beatles is infinitely better than most everything else out there!

Stellar songs, Solin!

“Energy Fair”…Cool guitar hook/tone. Love the F (add 9) on, “you don’t KNOW ME”/nice! Smart pop (:

“Always In Heaven”…I enjoyed the chord shift/modulation on, “always in heaven when you’re around”. The descending melody made
that destination chord (D) even more satisfying. Yes…

“Make Me Attractive”…Wicked tune and groove!!! Cutting, tongue in cheek lyric (cutting? lol!). Some juicy chord changes in this
gem! Cool drum sound. Clever time signature/accent shift on, “I must have been asleep…”! Nice jazz inspired movements/chords.
Fierce song!

“Robin”…WOW! Infectious song!!! “Hold on, Robin”/fantastic melodic hook. I ADORED that! When you sing that phrase, you ARE
Lennon. “Across the Universe” era Beatles (: The up tempo section…SUPREMELY pleasing vocal and production! Love your old
school approach. “And I missed YOU” (C add 9)/ irresistible!!! Lovely lyric. Nice harmonies. Sounds a bit like Julian singing a
Badfinger tune. Brilliant!

“No Connection”…HOOKY! Clever melody/ “on the way everyday she keeps me writing”/yes! Exceptionally salty, scratchy vocal!
Superb production. Cool reoccurring guitar riff. Nice chord changes on, “but you…you…just you”/loved the way you massaged “just
you“! Sewing up that section with the soaring, “just you” …perfect! The “no connection” section (Asus 4)/delicious. Sensational,
freak out ending!!!

Solin, your songs knocked me out! Must have this cd!

HONORED to be your friend (:
Oct 16 2008 1:52 PM


Eddie wrote~ Hey Bro,
Didn't want to clutter up your page but needed to say that
I'm absolutely blown away by the music.
Not a bit surprised, but blown away just the same.
You ALWAYS tap into a very powerful vein that
that’s very real …
many blessings on you my friend.
I hope our paths will cross down the road.
Peace, always

Eddie  Sep 24 2008 6:44 PM
Energy Fair
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