Solin Portrayed John Lennon in the cast of Beatlemania,

Opened for
Johnny Winter worked with Roger Mcguinn.

Put Another Date on Life   Debut CD &  Energy Fair  has been generating rave reviews.

Has been named "Band of the Week", by the
New Haven Advocate,

At an early age, he had already demonstrated his propensity for performing.
At age three, he was pounding out rhythms on a makeshift drum set that was
comprised of strategically placed cardboard album covers.
He would abandon his "drum set"only long enough to rip an impromptu lead on the
"beat-up tennis racket"that served as his guitar at the time.
The first real guitar didn't arrive until the age of twelve. By the age of fifteen,
he was already in the studio, recording original material.

New Haven Advocate Review of CD "Energy Fair"
Local CDs: 02/26/09
Tuesday, February 24, 2009
By Brian LaRue

Solin, Energy Fair (Solin Music,
First off, this is a daunting amount of music —
19 tracks, nearly 79 minutes.
Thankfully, for all the bulk, this disc is surprisingly short on filler.
In fact, it doesn't seem to have any.
Solin's songs call to mind the bright, ringing guitar-pop of the
mid-to-late-'60s (as well as the later '70s power-pop movement,
which used that same period for source material),
but unlike so many retro-popsters, he refuses to pinch familiar licks outright.
The melodies feel natural and reflect a comfortably deep knowledge of craft.
The arrangements are dynamic and full, and the lyrics, which address love and growth
and life changes and all that stuff,
often capture a strikingly vulnerable melancholia that makes
the songs feel like more than genre exercises.
Solin goes on and on here without fumbling.
If not for the consistency of the production style, this could come off as a retrospective
of career highlights instead of a single studio album.
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"Solin's Extensive Musical Career, Affords Him an Unparalleled Versatility."
Solin &   Jon Brion
Solin & Aimee Mann
Take it from the Top
Toured the east coast with former musical partner JonBrion
Joined by Aimee Mann, performing "You Keep Me Hanging On"
(Solin Original Song) to a packed house at
Toad's Place, New Haven, CT.